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Rules for the Suggestion Forum

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Important Rules for the Suggestion Forum

Post by The President on Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:20 am

In this forum players may express their ideas and try and help the community with their suggestions. It is important to note the following:

Creating a suggestion:

- Note that the best suggestions are very detailed. Give information on what must be done by the Admins to create such a feature, what the feature will be used for and, possibly, the conqueuences of the idea. Note that this section is for suggestions only and not off topic chat.

- Research your idea! Do other forums use it and have they benefited from it? Search for your idea too to see if anyone else has a similiar idea.

- You MUST add a poll do that other players may vote on the idea.

- Multiple choice option is not to be enabled. 'Yes' and 'No' only. No 'I don't know' either.

How we accept suggestions

Note that Acara Games team members will requent the suggestions box and help your evolve your ideas. They will help to rid of ideas that they believe, in their professional opinion, are not suitable for the forum.

Please note:

As everyone knows, failure to respect the rules of the forum and the Terms of Service while creating a suggestion will result in deletion, without warning, of your post and the reduction in a players warning level. Please do not ignore this warning- safe yourself a warning Very Happy

Important- do not bump up or answer your own topics before a 24 hour time requirement. You must edit your post in order to add your required info.
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