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Rule's for Poll Station

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Important Rule's for Poll Station

Post by Sir chivas on Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:01 pm

Poll's Rules
  • Do not post anthing unappropriate

  • The polls will be only lasting up to 1-2 weeks (depends how active the poll is)

**Polls should be made after receiving authorization from an Acara Games team (Acara Games Admin or Community Moderator)**.

Community Moderators as well as Admins can decide whether or not it is accepted into the polling station.
•If we don't accept the poll, we will ignore it.
•Creating a poll without permission is impossible. Any polls which have been found as old will be moved to the Archives and locked.

• first warning, you will be asked to remove the poll and request one
(If it's not done by 24 hours it will be deleted.)
•Second warning, if you continue on posting polls with out getting permission granted, you will be automatic warned.
• If this is continued, we're going to ask, to change your permission,
In other words, you won't have rights to post a thread; reply to a thread, to this forum.[/list]
Sir chivas
Sir chivas
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Community Moderator

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