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Rules for the Website Promotion Section

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Rules for the Website Promotion Section Empty Rules for the Website Promotion Section

Post by The President on Sun Sep 25, 2011 7:52 am

It is very important that the players who wish to promote their website read these rules first. Failure to do so will result in deletion of website presentation.

- Post only once your presentation.
- Include, in your presentation the following information:
  • Choice of Category
  • Choice of title
  • Forum URL Address
  • The main language
  • Description of the forum

If you include the above info and do not present a website that abuses the Acara Games rules and Terms of Service you will find your presentation moved to the appropriate forum within a certain time. If your presentation is refused, it will be moved to the Archives and given a reason as to it refusal.

If it has been accepted and moved you MAY NOT bump up the topic at any time. You may only create a post if it contains actual news such as staff hire, changes in the forum (new theme, design), new rules, requests for new staff and/or new changes such as contests etc.

Staffs in charge

These staff members that are listed will be able to accept the requests
• community moderators

Reminder- advertising by PM is prohibited
Important- do not bump up or answer your own topics before a 24 hour time requirement. You must edit your post in order to add your required info
Acara Games Team

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